Faulkner House Books – New Orleans

In January I went on a truly unforgettable holiday to New Orleans and very quickly fell in love with the place. It has an incredible atmosphere, ranging from laid-back to festival-ready. The people are friendly and I enjoyed listening to the accent, which is so different to my own British English. Of course, you can’t talk about New Orleans without mentioning the music – mellow jazz in the supermarkets, kids playing self-made drums (basically just buckets) on the street and talented musicians playing in local bars every night of the week. Just thinking about it makes me want to go back!

But one of the things I loved the most, was the amount of amazing bookshops! I visited six in total, and hope to get reviews of most of them up on the blog one of these days.

Today I’ll start with Faulkner House Books, which was the bookshop I was most excited about.

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Libreria Berisio – Naples

I read surprisingly little while on holiday in Italy last month, but I did manage to discover a bookshop or two, which goes towards making up for it.

My boyfriend and I visited Libreria Berisio on our last evening in Naples. We had an early flight the next day, so popped by for an after-dinner drink, while all the Italians were clearly only just getting started on their pre-dinner aperitivos.

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Armchair Books – Edinburgh

During last month’s trip to Scotland, my boyfriend and I had a few spare hours to explore Edinburgh. We had a lot to cram in and I hadn’t imagined there would be time to check out any bookshops. So I was delighted when we stumbled upon what must be the best bookshop in Edinburgh (although please let me know if there’s a better one and I’ll put it on my list for next time).

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Ouky Douky Coffee – Prague

Ouky Douky Coffee is one of my new favourite places in Prague. So far I have only managed a couple of visits, but can’t wait to hang out there more. It’s a shabby (in a good way), reasonably priced café with a relaxed atmosphere and, best of all, a bookshop area!

You have to venture off the beaten track to find Ouky Douky, which is located in the district of Holešovice. It’s an escape from the hoards of tourists you’ll find near Old Town Square, but still a vibrant area – you are likely to bump into locals, students and expats here. Continue reading

Catfish Bookshop and Restaurant – Koh Lanta

Now we are nearing the end of October, and autumn is well and truly here, I find it hard to imagine the sunny days I spent reading on sandy beaches in Thailand last March. But I have been meaning to share my experience of the Catfish Bookshop and Restaurant on Koh Lanta, so here goes…


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Backstreet Books – Chiang Mai

I arrived in Chiang Mai after a long day of travelling. I had picked up a cold and was feeling generally a bit sorry for myself. I had been looking forward to Chiang Mai because of all the amazing things I’d heard about it, but didn’t immediately warm to the city. That is until I found Backstreet Books.

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Ganesha Bookshop – Ubud, Bali

My guesthouse in Ubud was on a quiet street about 5 minutes walk from my favourite bookshop in Bali (so far). I had already read about Ganesha Bookshop and was planning a visit, so I was pleasantly surprised when I walked past it on the way to the centre on my first day.

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Periplus Bookshop – Ubud, Bali

The Ganesha Bookshop in Ubud is famous, but I hadn’t heard of the Periplus Bookshop. Wandering along aimlessly on my second day (or was it the third day? Life seems to be ticking along at a different pace for me in Ubud) I stumbled across this bookshop at just the right moment. The heat was starting to get to me and the refreshing air-conditioning hit me as soon as I walked in.


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Shakespeare and Sons (Fine Bagels) – Berlin

My Christmas day 2015 was spent getting lost in Berlin. My friend and I walked for a good few hours through the centre of Berlin and out to the neighbourhood of Friedrichshain, which we had heard was the ‘cool area’. We were just starting to feel tired and in need of a pit-stop when what should we find around the next corner? A sign displaying the heavenly words, ‘WOW! Fine BOOKS…’ 

Fine Books Fine Bagels

I can confirm that we did indeed see some very ‘fine books’!

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Owl Bookshop – London

My uncle and auntie live very close to Kentish Town. Not only are they lucky enough to have Hampstead Heath almost on their doorstep, but they also have a lovely local bookshop. It’s great having an independent bookshop nearby, especially this one.

photo 3The Owl Bookshop is wonderfully orderly, with well thought out displays and very clear sections – it’s an easy shop to navigate for readers in search of a particular subject. Continue reading