There is nothing I love more than curling up on the sofa with a cup of tea, a biscuit and a good book. This site is somewhere to put down some of my thoughts about the books I am reading. Hopefully it will give some ideas of books to try next and books best avoided! So if you enjoy a good book, why not take a look? All comments are welcome!

Take a look at my blog bookshelf or see some of the bookshops I’ve visited.

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  1. NOVEL FOR REVIEW: A Soul’s Calling, 340 pp., Wanderlust Publishing House, ISBN 13-978-0-61569-535-8

    Dear Bundle of Books,

    Sorry to approach you through your comments but I could find no email address to send this to. And, I know your time is limited and have to be very selective in the books you review, but I would count myself very lucky if you considered my book A Soul’s Calling for review on your website.

    A Soul’s Calling is a memoir about a man who listened to his heart instead of reason. The book, a work of speculative non-fiction, is part travelogue, part hiking adventure, with shamanism and magic woven throughout.

    A Soul’s Calling transports readers to Nepal’s rugged but enchanting Khumbu Valley where mountains speak and nature is imbued with a special kind of magic. The novel is an inspiring modern day adventure that weaves the timeless themes of living an authentic life, the consequences of power, and what a man would do for unrequited love.

    Scott, a forty-something attorney, is average in every way except one. He has a connection to the Other Side. He speaks to Spirit and Spirit speaks to him. He sees, hears, and interacts with an invisible realm that is beyond ordinary human perception. When Scott learns his soul has been spiritually compromised he travels to the ancient kingdom of Nepal to win it back. Once there, he hikes the Himalaya carrying a mysterious bundle and a stick laden with prayers from Luminous Beings hoping to come face to face with the greatest mountain on earth: Mount Everest. As his journey unfolds, Scott is called on to battle his fear of heights, the thin air, and his physical limitations. Powerful, sweeping, and deeply moving, readers will search their hearts as the book draws to a stunning conclusion.

    If this sounds appealing, I would be happy to provide you with a Kindle copy through Amazon. To read an excerpt from the book, please visit http://www.scott-bishop.com or you can view it using Amazon’s Look Inside feature here:


    With every best wish,

    Scott Bishop


  2. Thanks for taking the time to visit Whimsey Pie, make a few comments, amd decide to follow. I don’t always write about books but I am definitely a book lover so I hope you find a few interesting posts. I very much look forward to reading your blog, too.


  3. I love your bookshelf list…it is very like my own bookshelf; we seem to have similar taste. I have just moved into a new apartment and rearranged all my books. Your blog has inspired me to write about it…I will be mentioning you in the near future at ‘Catching Up The Slender Thread’.


    • Yey! Thank you!!!! 😀 You’ve really made me smile! Can’t wait to spend a couple of hours choosing blogs to nominate. (It’s always good to have an excuse!) And well done to you too!


  4. Hi your picture of Prague skyline came up in a google search. I’d like to make a vector of it and use it as a graphic in a project of mine. Hope that’s fine with you!


    • Awww well thanks! And I’m glad you did, it means I have now been introduced to your site! I also love photography and think I will enjoy keeping up with your new pictures. I especially like the ‘Mystery Photo’ posts… not that I’m brilliant at guessing!


  5. I am so glad I found your blog – it pleases me that I’ve found someone like me! I know I’m definitely going to enjoy reading your posts each day =)


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and sending some comment love 🙂
    Glad to have found your blog and the book recommendations – will certainly be looking out for the titles at our neighbourhood library!


  7. Thanks for liking my review of Gods Behaving Badly. Were you participating in 1book140, or did you just happen across it?

    I saw your photos of the bookshop in Dubrovnik. It reminded me very much of The Globe in Praha. Croatia’s not real close, but you should visit sometime. Praha’s a great city.


    • I was going to be participating but didn’t get around to buying the book in time! It sounds good though, so I’ll be ordering at some point soon hopefully!

      Thanks, I actually am very familiar with the Globe as I used to live in Prague! It’s one of my favourite bookshops (and the cocktails are great too!) I’m going to take some pictures next time I’m over so I can put a review up!


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