The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins

The Hunger Games… If you’ve never heard of it, then where on earth have you been hiding? The book was first published in 2008 but has only recently come to my attention, which probably has something to do with the recently released film – oh, and the fact that EVERYONE has been talking about nothing else for the last few months! In the end, I was finally persuaded to buy the first book in the trilogy when I saw it for a couple of pounds in my local charity shop. It was perfect timing, as I had just finished struggling through two particularly long and challenging books and was on the look out for an addictive, but quick and easy read.

So, did it live up to all the hype? Well, yes and no. It’s true that, like everyone else, I rushed through the book, hardly stopping for food. However, by the end, I did not find myself desperate to read the next book in the trilogy. Continue reading

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops – Jen Campbell

I don’t usually win things, so I was extra-specially excited to win this fabulous book from the brilliant Me and My Big Mouth. I have been following Jen’s progress on Twitter and her blog for a while now and have been desperate to get a hold of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops.

The title pretty much says it all. If you have ever worked in a bookshop – or any shop for that matter – you will understand that customers say a lot of strange things and this is a collection of some of the most bizarre and most entertaining! Whoever you are and wherever you work, this book will leave you in stitches! Continue reading

Island Bookstore – Amsterdam

The Jordaan is a very pleasant area of Amsterdam. It’s the place to go if you want to take a bit of a time-out from the bustle of the centre and escape the tourist crowds. Before arriving in Amsterdam, I had heard of a wonderful bookshop in the area called Island Bookstore. On my first day, armed with a map and camera, I embarked on a quest to find it!

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Lont Antiquariaat – Amsterdam

When my boyfriend and I decided to plan a last minute trip to Amsterdam in April, I had no idea that it would turn into such a bookshop extravaganza. I had been to Amsterdam before but I don’t remember seeing even one bookshop. I must have been walking around with my eyes closed. There seems to be one on almost every street corner! Sure, there are plenty of things to see in Amsterdam; coffee shops, canals, clubs and cafés, but it’s the fantastic bookshops that got me excited.

The first one I came across was closed. It had a quaint and inviting window display with some obscure looking children’s books and old postcards pegged across a washing line. Peering inside, I could see the shop was absolutely crammed with books! Seeing that this was a place not to be missed, I noted down the opening times and vowed to return.

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