Algebra – Dubrovnik

Along the main street of Old Town in Dubrovnik, you can find this little treasure of a bookshop. It is a long, thin room filled from floor to ceiling with English, French, German and of course Croatian books. There is also a whole section dedicated to Croatian history books and travel guides.   The books are not only on the shelves, but also piled on the floor – the shop is simply bursting with books!

Algebra is not just for book lovers, in the corner, you can also find some more tasteful postcards than in other tourist shops and there is an array of Venetian masks displayed on the walls. If you are planning a trip to Dubrovnik, this is the perfect place to browse the shelves, especially if you don’t have a particular book in mind, as there seems to be no particular order. Take a look and see if a book takes your fancy!

Price wise, this shop is just as expensive as any other foreign language bookshop. I was looking hopefully around for a bargain bin or cheap pile, but had no luck.

Here is the address for anyone wishing to visit: Placa – Stradun 9, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

6 thoughts on “Algebra – Dubrovnik

  1. The owner was very rude to us. She yelled at me from touching something and when I apologized she mocked the apology. I was going to buy something but felt like I was bothering her so I left. The other bookstore had better service and English translators of Croatian writers.


      • Who knows, perhaps the lady was sick & tired of people who goes to a bookstore to buy fridge magnets…
        Recently I was there, and the lady was charming and what’s more, seemed to really know about books (surprising isn’t it? in a bookstore where people go to buy fridge magnets?)


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