The Little Friend – Donna Tartt

Donna Tartt Little Friend

Donna Tartt’s second novel has been a favourite of mine since I first read it at the age of sixteen. It was a challenge back then, and I do remember struggling through some lengthy chapters. This time round, I didn’t struggle and most certainly didn’t get bored.

Although not as intellectually challenging as the first time round, emotionally The Little Friend was still quite exhausting. This is certainly not a book to pick up if you’re already feeling down. But I have always been drawn to dark and morbid books, so perhaps that is why I liked The Little Friend so much. Continue reading

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting – Derek Tangye

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

Yet again, I have to say a big thank you to the book and cat lover at Literary Relish for introducing me to this book. (You can read her review here).

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting is a gentle book. Everything about it makes the reader feel peaceful and calm. And that is exactly what Derek and his wife Jeannie want from their lives; peace. They move from their busy London jobs to the tranquillity of Minack in Cornwall to grow flowers and enjoy life. Reading this book makes you want to drop everything, buy a cat (and a couple of donkeys) and run off to Cornwall. Continue reading

Cuculia Libreria Con Cucina – Florence

My very favourite place in the world is Italy. And some of my favourite things in the world are books and good food. So when I get a chance to mix all of that up, I’m a very content person! That’s why, when I went to Florence a few weeks ago, I was pleased to have found this fab blog about, as the name suggests, a girl living in Florence. I’ve been following Georgette’s blog for quite a while now and remember being particularly excited about this post, which is all about library and bookshop cafés in Florence. Unfortunately I only got to visit one of the places recommended. It just means that I’ll have to go back sometime to visit the rest!  

2013-06 Roma e Firenze 117 Continue reading