Somewhere a Cat is Waiting – Derek Tangye

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting

Yet again, I have to say a big thank you to the book and cat lover at Literary Relish for introducing me to this book. (You can read her review here).

Somewhere a Cat is Waiting is a gentle book. Everything about it makes the reader feel peaceful and calm. And that is exactly what Derek and his wife Jeannie want from their lives; peace. They move from their busy London jobs to the tranquillity of Minack in Cornwall to grow flowers and enjoy life. Reading this book makes you want to drop everything, buy a cat (and a couple of donkeys) and run off to Cornwall.

It would be impossible (for some people, anyway) to enjoy life without a cat or two to share it with. In this book, Derek Tangye tells us about the four cats of his life; Monty, Lama, Oliver and Ambrose. What makes the relationship between him and these creatures so readable, is the fact that he was never a ‘cat person’. It doesn’t take much for me to fall head over heels for a cat, but Monty had to work really hard to catch Derek’s heart. And even after Monty, Derek would swear that he was a ‘one cat man’. Who could say no to a lonely cat in a storm, though? And who could resist finding out more about the mysterious cats living nearby in a cave?

Not only do we learn about the Tangye’s routine with the cats, we learn about their splendid lives in Cornwall, where they seem very happy. Something about the calm at Minack can’t help but sweep over you as you read. I was feeling a bit stressed about something or other when I was reading Somewhere a Cat is Waiting, and after half an hour with this book, I felt much calmer. Now, I just wish there was a cat waiting for me every night when I got home!

Read it when you’re feeling down, and it should make you feel a bit better! Click on the picture below to get a copy.

7 thoughts on “Somewhere a Cat is Waiting – Derek Tangye

  1. I’m sooo glad you loved this book as much as I did and thanks so much for the mention. It feels good to introduce Derek Tangye into people’s lives because…well….I just never hear anyone talk about him! I felt it was the perfect antidote to daily stresses and the irritating, shallow people you encounter every day. I just wish my road wasn’t so busy and I could have cats too!

    You must check out his other work 🙂 Happily there are plenty more Minack chronicles to be going at!


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