Algoritam Multimedia – Dubrovnik

Algoritam is another bookshop along the main street in Old Town Dubrovnik. It is different to Algebra because it does not have the same cluttered atmosphere and originality. It is a lot more like any other ordinary bookshop you might find. In fact it is actually part of a larger chain in Croatia, and it definitely has that feel.

Compared to the overwhelming heat and tourist crowds outside (I visited at the worst possible time – August), Algoritam is a cool and spacious heaven. I certainly enjoyed the air conditioning while exploring the shop.

Of course there are the obvious selections, as in any foreign bookshops; tourist books on Croatia in all languages, best-sellers, an impressive Sci-Fi wall and a much welcome penguins classics shelf, where you can find the cheaper books. I happily crouched in that particular corner, and finally chose Grimms’ Fairy Tales for only about £3.50.

Satisfied with my purchase, I took a look around the rest of the shop. For those who are not interested in books, there is also a whole part of the shop dedicated to multimedia.

Here is the address if you find yourself in that part of the world: Placa 8, 20000 Dubrovnik (phone: +385 20 322-044)

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