Ouky Douky Coffee – Prague

Ouky Douky Coffee is one of my new favourite places in Prague. So far I have only managed a couple of visits, but can’t wait to hang out there more. It’s a shabby (in a good way), reasonably priced café with a relaxed atmosphere and, best of all, a bookshop area!

You have to venture off the beaten track to find Ouky Douky, which is located in the district of Holešovice. It’s an escape from the hoards of tourists you’ll find near Old Town Square, but still a vibrant area – you are likely to bump into locals, students and expats here.


The menu is simple, consisting mainly of sandwiches, soups and toasties. The food is nothing to write home about, but not bad for the price. There’s a wide variety of drinks and I opted for hot lemon, fresh ginger and honey which was just what I needed on a snowy day.


The bookshop area is (obviously) the best bit. The shelves are bowed from the weight of the many dusty second-hand books that have been collected over the years. Most of the books appear to be Czech, but I also noticed a small German and Spanish section.


The English books are at the back in a section called “new books”. I haven’t actually bought anything from here yet and can’t be sure of prices – I’ll have to pay more attention next time I visit!

As with all great bookshops, there are bargain boxes which seem to be a lucky dip for genres and languages. It’s fun to rummage through these and see what you can find.

An assortment of artwork, posters and LPs haphazardly cover the walls and there’s a notice board for local events. It all adds to the general higgledy-piggledy vibe, which made me feel immediately at home. I could quite happily sit here all day with a good book!


I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Ouky Douky if you are in desperate need of a book but if you are in the area (maybe visiting one of the nearby parks: Stromovka or Letenské sady), it’s a lovely place to stop off for a drink.

To find out more, Ouky Douky has a Facebook page each for the bookshop and the café.

The address is: Janovského 1118/14, 170 00 Praha 7

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