Armchair Books – Edinburgh

During last month’s trip to Scotland, my boyfriend and I had a few spare hours to explore Edinburgh. We had a lot to cram in and I hadn’t imagined there would be time to check out any bookshops. So I was delighted when we stumbled upon what must be the best bookshop in Edinburgh (although please let me know if there’s a better one and I’ll put it on my list for next time).

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Ouky Douky Coffee – Prague

Ouky Douky Coffee is one of my new favourite places in Prague. So far I have only managed a couple of visits, but can’t wait to hang out there more. It’s a shabby (in a good way), reasonably priced café with a relaxed atmosphere and, best of all, a bookshop area!

You have to venture off the beaten track to find Ouky Douky, which is located in the district of Holešovice. It’s an escape from the hoards of tourists you’ll find near Old Town Square, but still a vibrant area – you are likely to bump into locals, students and expats here. Continue reading

Top 5 Favourite Oxfam Finds

As you may be aware, in the last few months I have started volunteering at Oxfam Books and Music. So far it’s been great. I get to sort through, price and sell books. I even quite like that musty, old book smell. But most exciting of all; I get first pick of the books! Another thing that I love about used books is finding unexpected items inside. I can completely understand these bookworms that accidentally leave postcards, train tickets and scraps of paper between the pages of their books because I do exactly the same thing. I usually grab the nearest thing to mark my place and often these can become nice memories when I find them months or years later hidden in an old read. I’ve found some pretty weird and wonderful things that people have used for bookmarks. Here are a few of my favourite!

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