Libreria Berisio – Naples

I read surprisingly little while on holiday in Italy last month, but I did manage to discover a bookshop or two, which goes towards making up for it.

My boyfriend and I visited Libreria Berisio on our last evening in Naples. We had an early flight the next day, so popped by for an after-dinner drink, while all the Italians were clearly only just getting started on their pre-dinner aperitivos.

Although early, the bar already had a few customers – mostly couples. And, with red mood lighting and mellow jazz playing in the background, it’s the perfect spot for a date.

Libreria Berisio has a large selection of classic cocktails and some more interesting concoctions. I always enjoy flicking through cocktail menus and reading the ingredients! I opted for a simple Kir Royale, while my boyfriend chose an Aperol Spritz – we didn’t want anything too strong, knowing we had to wake up at 5 o’clock the next morning.

Prices for cocktails started as low as about 4.50 euros, which was a pleasant surprise, especially considering the quality.

After a few sips of my drink, I had a quick wander around. The mood lighting works well in real life, but doesn’t do much for the photographs, I’m afraid. Luckily, I was still able to read the book titles and see what the shop had to offer.

Most of the books I found were old Italian works and quite heavily focused on non-fiction. Politics, history, art, architecture – all definitely at a level that I would struggle to understand with my limited Italian.

From a brief look at their Facebook page, I can see that Libreria Berisio often hosts live music events, and there’s a piano ready and waiting in the corner. This would be an ideal place for an intimate gig.

As well as the shelves packed with interesting books, I also loved the little touches such as the saxophone beer tap at the bar. And all bookworms would appreciate the tables which are decorated with bookish cartoons and cut-outs.

Although only fleeting, I really enjoyed our visit to Libreria Berisio and would return on another occasion. It’s also worth walking around the area during the day, as there are lots of other bookshops nearby.

Libreria Berisio can be found on Via Port’Alba 28-29. Or for more information, find them on Facebook.

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