Libreria Berisio – Naples

I read surprisingly little while on holiday in Italy last month, but I did manage to discover a bookshop or two, which goes towards making up for it.

My boyfriend and I visited Libreria Berisio on our last evening in Naples. We had an early flight the next day, so popped by for an after-dinner drink, while all the Italians were clearly only just getting started on their pre-dinner aperitivos.

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Cuculia Libreria Con Cucina – Florence

My very favourite place in the world is Italy. And some of my favourite things in the world are books and good food. So when I get a chance to mix all of that up, I’m a very content person! That’s why, when I went to Florence a few weeks ago, I was pleased to have found this fab blog about, as the name suggests, a girl living in Florence. I’ve been following Georgette’s blog for quite a while now and remember being particularly excited about this post, which is all about library and bookshop cafés in Florence. Unfortunately I only got to visit one of the places recommended. It just means that I’ll have to go back sometime to visit the rest!  

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American Bookstore – Milan

This English language bookshop is bang in the centre of Milan. Situated only minutes away from the Duomo and opposite Parco Sempione, it is in the perfect location. If you feel like escaping the bustle of the city, why not pop in and choose a book, stroll across the road and enjoy a relaxing read on the grass in the park?

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