Antiquariaat Brinkman – Amsterdam

It was a loooong time ago now that I went to Amsterdam, but I’ve still got one last bookshop to quickly tell you about…

After feeling the peace and relaxation of Au Bout du Monde and the cosiness of Antiquariaat POLK on the Singel Canal, it was time to check out the third bookshop. Antiquariaat Brinkman is on the corner. At the time of my visit it was surrounded by scaffolding so I found it hard to take a proper outside photo.

This shop felt like a proper antiquarian bookshop, with tall and dusty shelves filled with musty, crumbling books. The look wouldn’t be complete without discoloured maps on the wall, and cabinets filled with the most valuable or delicate books.

This bookshop had a nice feel and the friendly man who worked there spoke excellent English. Unfortunately, apart from him, the bookshop wasn’t big on English, and so I couldn’t find much to tempt me. This was a shame seeing as they had a good little bargain section on the way out!


If you’re lucky enough to speak Dutch and want to check this place out, the address is: Singel 319 – 1012 WJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

You can find their website here.

My trip to Amsterdam even ended in a bookish way. Look at what I found at the airport!

photo (1)

An airport library with a welcoming sign! photo (2)

6 thoughts on “Antiquariaat Brinkman – Amsterdam

  1. What a great bookstore! I somehow missed out on doing any book tourism when I visited Amsterdam a few years ago. It’s such an amazing city, though, so I guess I’ll just have to go back! I didn’t know there was a library in Schiphol Airport, but that’s awesome! What a great way to spend a layover 🙂


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