Antiquariaat Brinkman – Amsterdam

It was a loooong time ago now that I went to Amsterdam, but I’ve still got one last bookshop to quickly tell you about…

After feeling the peace and relaxation of Au Bout du Monde and the cosiness of Antiquariaat POLK on the Singel Canal, it was time to check out the third bookshop. Antiquariaat Brinkman is on the corner. At the time of my visit it was surrounded by scaffolding so I found it hard to take a proper outside photo.

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Lont Antiquariaat – Amsterdam

When my boyfriend and I decided to plan a last minute trip to Amsterdam in April, I had no idea that it would turn into such a bookshop extravaganza. I had been to Amsterdam before but I don’t remember seeing even one bookshop. I must have been walking around with my eyes closed. There seems to be one on almost every street corner! Sure, there are plenty of things to see in Amsterdam; coffee shops, canals, clubs and cafés, but it’s the fantastic bookshops that got me excited.

The first one I came across was closed. It had a quaint and inviting window display with some obscure looking children’s books and old postcards pegged across a washing line. Peering inside, I could see the shop was absolutely crammed with books! Seeing that this was a place not to be missed, I noted down the opening times and vowed to return.

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