White – Rosie Thomas

White RosieAt 464 pages White seemed like a good choice for my 24 hour journey home after my travels in Asia. And with the promise of Mount Everest as a backdrop, I thought it would hold my attention.

However White was not the nail-biting adventure that I had been hoping for. It is first and foremost a romance novel with a rather dull and predictable plot. The most thrilling chapters were rushed and overshadowed by a tedious love triangle.

Rosie Thomas is  a climber herself and clearly understands the hardships and dangers an Everest expedition would entail. She also writes about the ego-driven climbers, with their obsessions of finally scaling the mountain. This aspect of the book really piqued my interest. I finished White just as the mountain’s climbing season started and soon the inevitable reports of deaths started to fill the news. Looking at Wikipedia’s list of people that have died climbing Mount Everest, I find it hard to comprehend why people keep climbing. I would like to explore this subject further. It sounds morbid, but I find it fascinating. I would also like to learn more about the history of the region, the impact the tourism industry is having on the mountain itself and about the sherpas who play an important part in expeditions but are often forgotten.

My verdict: Lots of padding, forgettable characters and a huge anti-climax, but White could introduce readers to the possibility of searching out other books about climbing. Have you read any books about Everest? Which ones would you recommend?

You can get your own copy of White by clicking on the picture below.

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