Reading Habits of a Backpacker

Gili Meno SnorkelRecently the blog has mostly focused on bookshops rather than books. That’s because my two month trip around Bali, Lombok and Thailand introduced me to some fantastic bookshops, and I was simply too excited about them not to share my thoughts and photos.

It wasn’t just bookshops that I fell in love with, I also came across a number of book stalls. My favourite was this one on Gili Meno, a small and quiet island just off Lombok in Indonesia.

Gili Meno

My travels did give me plenty of reading time, as anyone who follows me on Instagram will probably have noticed! I haven’t spent much quality time with my books since my return and do miss those sunny days of endless beach reading.


I also appreciated the reading lifestyle of a backpacker. When I left the UK in a jumble of nerves at the beginning of February, I had one book and one borrowed Kindle. The Kindle meant I had a bottomless pile of electronic books in my backpack, but I hardly used it, preferring to pick up real books along the way. I swapped, part-exchanged and bought a couple, most of them sun bleached with crumbling pages, well thumbed by other travellers.

Not knowing what my next book would be was quite thrilling and it opened me up to writers and genres that I wouldn’t usually try, such as crime writers Ruth Rendell and Kathy Reichs or YA author John Green whose Paper Towns I gobbled up in a couple of sittings.

Reading View PaiHow do your reading habits change on holiday? And what are your favourite reading spots across the world? The best spot I found was next to the river in Pai, Thailand. Perfect weather, perfect temperature and stunning scenery!

Here’s a full list of the books I read (or started) whilst travelling. Over the next few weeks I hope to write a short post about each book, so watch this space…

Reasons to Stay AliveMatt Haig

The Golden NotebookDoris Lessing

The LieHelen Dunmore

Sweet ToothIan McEwan

Doctor SlaughterPaul Theroux

The Witches of EastwickJohn Updike

Thirteen Steps DownRuth Rendell

Paper TownsJohn Green

The Loving SpiritDaphne Du Maurier

The HoneymoonJustin Haythe

Death Du JourKathy Reichs

WhiteRosie Thomas

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