Top 5 Bookish Instagram Profiles

Instagram is fast becoming my favourite form of social media. In a world that has felt increasingly dark and uncertain in recent weeks, it’s been the perfect place to turn when news broadcasts get me down. I particularly like following fellow #bookstagrammers. They are a lovely bunch from all over the world, sharing their current reads and having civilised bookish chats. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Guy with the Book

Faroukh has great taste in books and always seems to be reading them in interesting places. He shares quotes while he’s reading and has bookshelves to die for! Oh, and he’s got the cutest little kitten called Gatsby (who also has her own Instagram)!


Mali words

Madalina’s account is a mixture of fashion and books. And I do like her style – good clothes and good books, what more could you want? She also interacts with other bookstgrammers and uses her photos to start bookish conversations.


book satchel x4

Each picture on Resh Susan’s feed is beautifully set up like a mini fashion shoot. She always has something interesting to say and an excellent blog, which is just as aesthetically pleasing as her Instagram account.



I love Lisa’s feed, partly because I like guessing which animal she will use as a bookmark next! But she also has great taste in books and writes informative, conversational captions for each of her pictures. She’s a talented artist too and it’s always a nice surprise when she includes drawings or paintings in her posts.


Hot Dudes Reading x4

Hot. Dudes. Reading. Well I think the profile name says it all really!

Are you a fellow #bookstagrammer?

If so, come and say hi!

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