Top 5 Bookish Gifts

‘Tis the season to… stress out about Christmas shopping, well if you’re anything like me anyway. Not to fear though, there are plenty of bookish gifts out there! Read on for some inspiration…


Photo Credit: Want to make your own literary Christmas tree? Take a look at this blog for instructions!


Subscriptions are a great option if you don’t like the pressure of choosing a book. Plus, the recipient will have the excitement of a parcel being delivered to their door (or inbox) at intervals throughout the year. Here are a few that are worth looking into…

  • Peirene Press specialises in award-winning contemporary European fiction, translated into English for the first time. Only publishing three books a year, all linked by a particular theme, a subscription could be a special gift for anyone interested in foreign literature.
  • For people that do a lot of walking or driving, an Audible subscription is ideal. I’ve written a bit of a rave review about Audible recently –  take a look to find out more.

Book Related Art

Last Christmas I received a very thoughtful present of a framed New Yorker cover (Thanks Mr. S!). There are lots of arty presents out there. Have a quick search on Etsy for inspiration and look out for websites such as Litographs, which has some great prints.


Use your imagination and make your own bookish present!

Bookish Jewellery

A great gift for the stylish bookworm. I have a Peter Pan themed acorn charm similar to the one below and love it! Get some more ideas here.

“”Now,” said he, “shall I give you a kiss?” and she replied with a slight primness, “If you please.” She made herself rather cheap by inclining her face toward him, but he merely dropped an acorn button into her hand…”Peter Pan


Although you can use pretty much anything to mark your place in a book, sometimes it’s nice to have the real thing. My younger brother bought me a brilliant set of magnetic Mr. Happy bookmarks. I’ve found them especially useful for marking my favourite recipes in cook books.

Click on the photo to find these on Amazon

 A Storytelling Game

Christmas is a time for family and friends. Hiding behind a book isn’t exactly the most sociable of activities. So why not buy a present the whole family can enjoy? The Storymatic game below looks like good fun.

Click on the photo to see The Storymatic on Amazon


Need more ideas? Here are some websites to check out…

The Literary Gift Company

The Literary Emporium

Bookish England


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