Top 5 Bookish Highlights from 2015


Happy New Year everyone!

May 2016 be filled with plot twists, superb writing and great bookish conversation! But first, a quick look back at last year.

I may not have been all that active on the blog in 2015, but behind the scenes I’ve read some brilliant books and had some lovely bookish experiences. Here are just a few…

Finally reading Anne Tyler

I’ve been meaning to read her for a long time but it was hearing The Accidental Tourist discussed on BBC Radio 4’s A Good Read that finally did it. I have also read A Patchwork Planet and plan to read every last one of her books, of which there are many. Any suggestions for my next choice are welcome!

Accidental Tourist

Attending my first spoken word event

The Forge in Camden hosts a great spoken word night on the last Tuesday of the month. With a relaxed atmosphere and some humour interspersed between the more serious poetry, Outspoken is perfect for newbies like me. There was also some fantastic music and the venue has a tasty menu, so you can really make an evening of it!


Finding a great bookshop near my work

I work minutes away from Skoob Books, so I have had many a lunchtime browse. And I get to walk through a small park, which happens to be a perfect reading spot in the summer. Located at the Brunswick Centre in Bloomsbury, it’s also conveniently placed if you have some time to kill whilst waiting for a train at King’s Cross or St. Pancras.


Seeing Esther Freud at the ArchWay with Words Festival

After falling head over heels for Hideous Kinky in the summer, I was delighted to learn that Esther Freud would be at the annual ArchWay with Words festival in north London. She was brilliant and I was also impressed with the festival itself. I definitely plan to get involved this year too!

Signed Mr Mac

Becoming a Neapolitan Novels addict

Elena Ferrante was the name on everyone’s lips last year, and not just because of her anonymity. I’m three books into the Neapolitan quartet and so far every page has been a joy. It’s set in one of my favourite cities and centres around one of the most interesting friendships in literature. It’s definitely one to get your teeth into.

Elena Ferrante

What memorable books did you read in 2015? And do you have any memorable bookish experiences to share?

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