Bookscene – Nottingham

I absolutely love discovering cheap bookshops. So imagine how delighted I was when walking around my new neighbourhood this weekend I found one just around the corner!

Bookscene has something for everyone. There is a particularly large science-fiction and horror/crime section, but there is plenty more on offer here. Not being the hugest fan of science-fiction, I headed straight over to the general fiction shelf and was happy to find that there was a lot of choice. I was even happier when I saw the prices! A book for 75p? Could I have read that right? It was then a struggle not to grab books by the handful and buy them all!

After some careful consideration, I chose three books, after all I had to leave something for my next visit! I’ve been meaning to read Bill Bryson’s Notes From a Small Island for a while now, and at 95p, how could I resist? For 75p, I picked up Washington Square by Henry James and for £1 a quite battered looking Villette by Charlotte Brontë which was obviously once much loved by Rita Baggaley in 1947 (don’t you love written notes from old owners inside book covers?)

As well as books, Bookscene also has comics and magazines. The walls are plastered with colourful posters, making it a pleasant place to linger in, which seems to be what people do. In the few minutes I spent browsing the shelves, there were two other customers in the shop who both seemed to be on friendly terms with the man behind the counter. When I asked if I could take some pictures of the shop, the bookseller was lovely and polite.

So, it looks as though I now have a local, affordable bookshop to run to when I need a new book!

If you live in Nottingham, it’s not far from the centre. Here is the address if you feel like taking a look: 101 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JL (phone: 01159555554)

11 thoughts on “Bookscene – Nottingham

  1. I lived in Nottingham before I moved to London, have you visited Jermy & Westerman on Mansfield Road? It’s one of the those secondhand bookshops where books are crammed into every possible bit of space. They also have an old fashioned till and it’s worth buying something just to hear the noise it makes. I used to live near Bookscene too, you’re making me a little homesick!


  2. I use this shop for my comics,Tom the shop owner sends them on to me (im in Wakefield)every month, I do my ordering via email and by by bank transfer. I have been doing this for around 12 years and your photos are the first time I have seen the shop thanks for that.


    • That’s OK! Glad you like the pictures. It’s always nice to know where you are getting things from. If you are ever in Nottingham you should check it out and browse the shelves!


  3. I work in a used bookstore here in the Atlanta, Georgia area. On my first day I brought home a 1st edition of 1984 (hardback, perfect condition $2), a 1st edition of American Ideals by former US President Teddy Roosevelt (also nearly perfect for 111 years old and $2), and a crate of books that we’d have thrown out otherwise (Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, and others). We charge about 60% off the original price, plus I get 50% off, plus 30% off. My job entails occasionally checking people out while reading anything and everything I want. It’s the perfect job.


  4. When I was a student, I lived just a couple of streets away from where this shop is now – I would have practically lived in there if it had been there then! Probably a good job, I suppose…much less studying would have got done if I’d have had this to tempt me away!


  5. There isn’t much better to me than a good used bookshop. There aren’t very many left in my area. Wish I lived in the UK!

    Nice blog.


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