Who Needs Furniture When There’s Books?!

I might soon be moving to London! Well, my boyfriend is moving to London for work and I plan to join him as soon as I’ve found a job that I’ll be happy with. (So please feel free to link any interesting jobs in the comments section below!)

It’s all very exciting, but I have a problem – a book problem. Moving to London means moving to a much smaller place. I don’t have that many books, but I can’t bear the idea of getting rid of any of them. So I’ve been desperately searching the Internet for some inventive ways to store books, and got a bit distracted…

Book Chair

Spanish artist and sculptor Alvaro Tamarit designed this surprisingly comfortable looking chair made of paperback books. I wouldn’t complain if the ‘Bench of Thought’ was all I had to sit on in my home.

Book Bed

This brings a whole new meaning to the idea of storage under the bed. It would also be a great way to save money on a bed frame. I found this at Wilson Kelsey Design Blog.


Simple, yet effective. This coffee table made of books looks great and doesn’t take up much room. I would just be worried about spilling coffee on all of those gorgeous books!

Bath of Knowledge

This bath made of books may not be practical, but it sure looks pretty! Read about how artist Vanessa Mancini made the brilliantly named ‘Bath of Knowledge’.

Book Book Case

I love this colourful set of bookshelves made entirely from hardcovers. This would brighten up any grotty rented room!

I’ve thought about keeping books in the oven (like Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw keeping shoes in hers), but I like baking too much! I suppose I could simply kill two birds with one stone and build myself a book igloo to live in…

Book Igloo

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