The Boy Who Ate Stars – Kochka

Boy Who AteThis is a short and deeply moving book, translated from French by Sarah Adams. It is the charming tale of twelve-year-old Lucy, who has recently moved into a new apartment in Paris. She decides to get to know all of the people in the building, but when meeting the extraordinary four-year-old Matthew from upstairs, everything changes. She learns that he is autistic and wants to understand more, so she sets out to learn all about him and his unusual world.

Written in Lucy’s own words, we read the progress she makes with her project; learning what helps Matthew sleep and why he likes to spin around and around. At the same time, she is trying to help a pampered Parisian dog, François, find his inner wolf. Along with her friend Theo, she takes Matthew and François outside to roam the street of Paris. Together they discover the kindness of strangers and learn a thing or two about the beauty of the world.

Helped by Matthew’s mother, the silent Russian nanny and Theo’s grandfather, the girl explores the mystery of autism. Through sound and touch they communicate with Matthew and set little François free from a life of mollycoddling.

The Boy Who Ate Stars is very imaginative and thought provoking. It presents a difficult subject from the interesting point of view of a child. The writing flows like poetry and makes the book an absolutely magical and unforgettable read.

If you want to be swept away by this lovely book, click the picture below.

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